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In Thailand it is customary to remove your shoes when entering a home.

Never touch a person's head. The head is literally and figuratively regarded as the highest part of the body.  In social gatherings the young adults keep their heads lower than those of older people. This is considered respect since they avoid  "looking down" on them.

  • Business decisions are not hastily made. You will have to be patient.

  • Public displays of affection, as well as temper, are not acceptable behavior.

  • Hand shaking is not common in Thailand. The traditional Thai greeting is made by placing both hands together in a prayer position at the chest and bowing slightly.

  • It is very likely that you will be addressed by your first name rather than you surname (e.g. Mr. Larry or Miss Helen).

  • Business appointments are necessary and always be punctual. It is a sign of courtesy and trust.

  • Gift giving can be small souvenirs, which should be wrapped. Flowers are always welcome.

  • Topics that are not suitable for conversation are politics, the Royal Family and religion.

  • It is considered rude to show the bottom of your shoe while crossing your legs.

When traveling the world to visit current or potential customers, be aware of the cultural do's and don'ts. Don't let your ignorance of international taboos hinder your ability to complete the deal.

When visiting Japan, or when you have visitors from Japan, be prepared to receive and give gifts. Gifts do not need to be expensive, but presentation is very important. They should be wrapped in paper that is light in color. Avoid bold colors and white, since white represents death. It is suggested that if the giftft has your company logo identified on it, that it should be subtle. And never insist that the receiver of your gift open it in front of you. 

Australia is a friendly place to visit. Australia is one big island with about 700 small islands surrounding it. Australia is well known for its beautiful white beaches.

Fun Facts about Australia:

  • Australia has the largest population of free ranging camels anywhere in the world
  • A Milk Bar isn't a pub for kids. It's a local convenience store
  • The world's largest cattle station is in Stangeray Springs, South Australia
  • Granny Smith apples originated from New South Wales
  • Australia is one of the largest diamond producing countries in the world
  • The Melbourne Cup is referred to as the race that stops the nation, because every Aussie literally stops what he is doing to watch the race. It's held on the first Tuesday in November
  • Located in the Southern Hemisphere, when you come down under, your seasons turn upside down. Therefore, most likely your winter is their summer and your summer is their winter

Spring: Sept-November 
Summer: December-February 
Fall: March-May 
Winter: June-August

  • Australia's electrical current is 220-240 volts, AC 50Hz
  • Hitchhiking is Australia is illegal in some states and strongly discouraged throughout Australia

That Crazy Aussie Lingo!
  • Cozzie is a swimsuit
  • G'Day is the way Australians say "hello"
  • Mate is a good friend
  • Tucker is food
  • Fair dinkum means true and real genuine
  • An Ocker is an uncultured Aussie man (such as Crocodile Dundee)
  • Blower is a telephone
  • Dunny is an outside lavatory
  • Corroboree is an Aboriginal ceremony
  • Back-of-beyond is a long, long way
  • Dilly Bag is a small bag that you carry with you
  • Waltzing Matilda means to travel with your Swag (belongings) on your back
  • Wowser is someone that doesn't like to have fun; a spoilsport

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