A Note About Specialized Services:

Many countries have strict customs rules and regulations for cargo clearance. It is very important that a shipper is aware of these requirements and has the proper labeling and documentation that is needed. East Bay International, Inc. labels food items in any language and generates the needed documentation to make the customs clearance process painless. The customers in these countries want to do business with companies that have experience in this area. The success of their business depends on a export distributor that can ship products to them in a timely fashion and without incident.

Export Consulting Services

                                   It is important to understand the process of selling products into the                                   international marketplace. Knowing your export market is the most                                   important part of the process. An export company must make sure that                                    it's products and services are marketable within the culture they are    targeting. 

                                   East Bay International, Inc. offers consulting services to any company    that is currently exporting or has a product or service that has the      potential for use in the international marketplace. East Bay International, Inc. also offers consulting services to US franchises that are considering venturing into the international marketplace. EBI also advises US franchises that have an existing international franchise program in place, but is experiencing problems.These problems affect current operations and future expansion programs. EBI offers 1-3 day seminars and will educate your staff on all aspects of the process and address any current issues. We will also demonstrate why it is important to customize individual programs for each franchisee based on his regional and local requirements. 

Free Up Your Operations Staff: Don't allow your franchise to "tie-up" your experienced operations personnel by having them arrange orders for overseas shipments. Don’t allow inexperienced staff to be responsible for the critical aspects of the export process. At the very least educate them on the process and give them the additional support on how to handle issues that constantly surface due to many variables.  Feel comfortable knowing that you are giving your international franchisees the support that they deserve. The importance of keeping your franchisee current of all information will give them the confidence knowing that they have your complete support. Give them the confidence to expand.

The responsibility of the entire process should be given to those that understand what works well and what doesn’t. Only with experience will someone know how to react to situations as they arise. Reaction time is critical. Give your staff other responsibilities and reduce the overhead required to support the distribution process.  Give your staff the opportunity to expand and develop new markets and services for your franchise as they have been trained to do. Your operations staff is the key to the expansion and success in new regions of the world. Allow them to do what they do best, promote your services or products. 

Customs Clearance

The most prominent problem in international distribution is customs clearance. Each country implements its own unique rules and regulations regarding the importation of food and non-food items. East Bay International, Inc. has 27 years of analyzing regulations in export destinations and creates custom programs for each customer and destination. There are many aspects of the customs clearance process that must be addressed.

There are many aspects of the process, all of which are as important as the other. It is imperative that regulations and legalization of documentation meet customs requirements for each country. All food ingredients must be cleared and  accepted by a local municipality. 


East Bay International, Inc. procures US produced products for export to any country. Custom made programs for each customer is available.

Consolidation and Freight Forwarding Services

East Bay International, Inc. consolidates and distributes to export destinations worldwide. We are responsible for the logistics and Freight Forwarding process. Legalization of documents are part of that process.  

Servicing our Brave Military

East Bay International, Inc. has serviced our brave US Military around the world since 1990. Military personnel located in overseas locations in Kuwait, Iraq, Korea, Yokohama, Philippines and Germany have been serviced by East Bay International, Inc.

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