East Bay International, Inc. has over 30 years of international business experience in 35 countries. EBI Inc. is an expert in procuring products in the US market and arranging exports to any country worldwide. Products can be labeled per customer request for customs clearance. Private labeled products are also available for special items. Dry, refrigerated and frozen cargo is loaded per our customer’s requirements. We are experts in consolidating various items in a single shipment.
East Bay International, Inc. controls every aspect of the process.  Purchasing, consolidating, booking, documentation, freight forwarding, legalization are all completed for customs clearance.
East Bay International Inc. is part of a family run business established in 1955 to service the retail and foodservice industries in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the years the company has expanded to offer a variety of services and products. The company's success is based on quality service that allowed us to keep customer loyalty for many years.
In 1982 we began to venture into the international marketplace with a well-known U.S. fast food franchise as our first customer, which also was just venturing into the global expansion. Having no international experience in 1982, we took the opportunity as a challenge and learned every aspect of international business as it related to our activities. This experience gave us the needed skills that were required to offer the quality service that our customers deserved. In 1990 East Bay International, Inc. was born. We continued to expand our exports to 35 countries taking on logistic responsibilities for two more, well established US franchises. We have used our international experience and contacts to diversify our business activities and have enabled us to offer products and services to many countries around the world.
Our Leadership
William Drenik, President/CEO
With 30 years of export experience, Mr. Drenik has done business in 35 countries worldwide. He was responsible for setting up an international distribution system for a well-known US food franchise and has distributed for several US franchises to their international destinations.
Mr. Drenik was a founding Board Member of the Bay Area World Trade Center in San Francisco in 1993 and was voted in as Chairman of the Board of the World Trade Center in 1999. He was the recipient of the Bay Area Global Trading Award in 1997.
Mr. Drenik was the Chairman of the International Trade Advisory Panel from 1994-1997. This Panel offered free consulting services to Northern California companies that had interest in exporting, but did not have the know-how on what steps needed to be taken. The panel was very instrumental in the success of several companies’ international endeavors.
He continues to consult with those companies that are export ready, but do not how to take the steps to be successful in the international marketplace.
East Bay International, Inc.
646 9th Court
Fox Island, Washington  98333
Email:  wdrenik@eastbayusa.com
        Phone: 253.444.7907     
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Distribution and Consulting Services
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